Darts, baseball, Frat party and a haunted house.

As I write this blog I will be home in less than two weeks! I still can’t believe how quickly this exchange has rolled in. With very little time left it was time to pack in as much fun before I jump on the plane back to Irn Bru Land! Oh my god I cannot wait.

With the Pittsburgh Pirates game coming up on the Friday night we all decided to head to Pittsburgh for an extra night to do some drinking and experience the city one last time. We had originally planned to stay over after the game and head home on Saturday but after rising hotel costs due to the Penguins playing in the playoffs we settled for Thursday night instead. A few people bailed due to lack of funds and Tim ended up getting a last minute ticket to see Robbie Krieger (The Doors) with his lady so it ended up just myself and the Mexican! With the change of plan we managed to get a last minuet AirBnB rather than a hotel and were sorted to head Thursday night.

15. pitt sky

With Thursday coming around I met Mabel and we jumped on the trust worthy 18.25 bus to Pittsburgh. We got in, hopped and Uber and arrived at our AirBnB in Mount Washington. The setup of the AirBnB was four guest rooms, one being in the attic, in which we were assigned. I have never been in such a creepy house. It wasn’t great…

15. creep bedroom 2

15. creep bedroom 1

Nah! After a quick decision, we decided to take on of the other rooms that were vacant and headed out to the bars before anyone could say anything. We drank in the Southside, the street that has the most bars in America, or so I’m told. We were heading along to a bar we had drank in before and on the way, a nice gentleman that spotted us said, “$1.50 Coors light, all night”. U-Turn. We watched the Penguins beat the Blue Jackets and advance to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I also spotted a group of students that were making it along the street on a bar crawl and they were wearing great t-shirts that said;

If Jordan Belfour can make it to his Lambo…we can make it along East Carson Street”! BANTER !

We hit another few bars, had a good chat and decided to call it a night. I also decided to introduce Mabel to one of our countries greatest sports… a sport my brother once described as the ‘most exciting thing you can watch on TV’. Aye, alright Lee. Just incase your wondering I was player 1. I will give it to Mabel though she beat me on a final game of three dart high score by ‘tactically’ hitting a triple 18. hmmmm.

15. Mabel darts

We got back to the creepy haunted AirBnB to find another few of the doors shut to the rooms and our stuff still in place. If Mabel was not scared enough by the noises she heard when we got in what happened next must have terrified her. If I have been drinking I sometimes scream in my sleep, something I had warned everyone when we had stayed together before. Tonight, happened to be that night. I woke up to Mabel standing over me, shaking my arm, after walking over to my bed to wake me as I was having a nightmare where a spider was crawling on a baby’s face. She looked utterly confused and scared all at the same time. Sorry Mabel. How embarrassing.

The next morning, we got up, got organized and headed out. The sun was blazing so we stopped to sit on the wall for a Gatorade and pizza breakfast. During the day we enjoyed coffee, more beers, sunshine and the Strip District. We had never been along that part of the city and I wish we had done sooner. It was very cool. Small local vendors, shops, bars and lots of Pittsburgh merch for the sports teams.

15. pirates stand

15. balcony bar.jpg

Someone was very happy to find a local supermarket! I bought a glass bottle of soda (or as you may call it juice) that had 100 real sugar as there seems to be no dietary requirements for products in Mexico. It tasted like the liquid you get at the bottle of your ice pool. Lovely stuff!

15. mexican supermaket

We had a few beers on a balcony bar then got an Uber along to PNC Park to see the Pirates take on the almighty New York Yankees. Mabel, being a huge baseball fan, was absolutely buzzing for the game so we made it along to do some drinking in the street and eat some free Chicken sandwiches that were being dished out.

15. pirates pre game

Seven o’clock came around and we were inside. First the stadium gave their respect to Mr. Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and former President Clinton’s ambassador to Norther Ireland, that had just passed away. Nice touch.

15. rooney pirates

15. pnc park day

We then threw back beers, hot dogs and Mabel got right in the spirt of a true American baseball fan. That was a free hat that everyone got, something I was equally excited about as the actual game itself. I recall after a few beers chanting ‘Free hat, Free hat, Free hat’!

15. excited mabel pirates

The Pirates ended up being the Yankees, which was very unexpected, 6-3 in a gripping game from start to finish. This is very rare for baseball. After the game the stadium put on a firework display! This, with the backdrop of the Pittsburgh skyline in the background was a sight I will always remember.

15. fireworks

PNC park you have been good to us. One day I hope to be back!

15. pnc park night

The next morning was the annual ‘fake Pig Roast’ at the nearby student housing area, ‘The Heights’. I didn’t see a pig being roasted at any time. I did however have a great day drinking with all our mates in the sunshine and whopping locals at beer pong. The only defeat that myself and Mabel faced was a questionable decision that I didn’t agree with courtesy of Yannick and Freezy Frank! Well done guys, even if you didn’t really win. We did however enjoy playing two frat boys, that took their hoodies off to show there frat t-shirts that had the america flags on them and then having to quietly put them back on and vacate the table. Boom!

After a long day of drinking, having locals shout about my accent and have an angry girl kick us all out her house because she thought we ate her pizza we walked down to the bar. Not before a quick photo opportunity in the beautiful red sky evening. Big up spy with Tim’s Simpsons Australia flag!

15. crew pic

15. spy flag.jpg

We spent the rest of the evening and into the night, eating, drinking and seeing friends. One of my favorite weekends I have had here in Slippery Rock! That sums last weekend. The only other thing was playing in the Univeristy Badminton championship on the Sunday night still pretty hungover. I didn’t make it to the final after a 24-22 (best out of 15, win by 2 points) beating in the semi final. Spy and I also finished 2nd in the doubles, however by that point I was ready to die. Good times.

Whats left? Nine days, four exams, two essays, a trip to Niagara Falls, Toronto, See the Blue Jays play baseball, see my boy Henry, play with Frank the pug, drink more Keystone Light beers ($18/£14 for 30 tins – Nice) and rave in a warehouse. Keep it locked.



What I am reading: Skagboysby Irvine Welsh. (This book is never ending)

What I am listening to – Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies & Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This to Memory.

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