A General Election? My thought from 3,600 miles away.

A couple of days ago I woke up and got myself ready for my 8am lecture in International Relations. I got showered, dressed, put on some Dilated Peoples to listen to and made myself a cup of black tea. The milk isn’t great here eh. I walked along to class and got myself sat down in a front seat, I don’t call this blog #Maturestudent for nothing. The next hour and fifteen minutes past as we discussed the crisis in the middle east, sanctions placed on developing countries by the United States and how the world is in a little bit of a mess. I then had my usual catch up at the end of the class with my Professor. She asked about the election that we would be having soon, I assumed having not had heard the news by this point, she was talking about the Indy Ref 2 vote next year or in early 2019. I chatted away, she looked very confused and I made to the dining hall to munch down some cereal, black coffee and donuts. Once I sat down I clicked on Facebook to see my friend Atif stating that we were having another General election. I couldn’t believe it.

14. May 10..jpg

I watched our PM state that the country was divided and we required strong Tory leadership to guide us through the tough Brexit negotiations that her own party had created. A quick side note of weak Labour and Scotland trying to ruin everything for everyone was also thrown in. I understand that circumstances change at times and decisions need to be made but after her criticism of Gordon Brown in the past and stating there would, under no circumstance, be a General Election before 2020…well that doesn’t sit well with me at all. I clicked her off and tweeted my first thought, as I have the problem of doing sometime.

14. tweet about GE.png

This issue has been stuck in my head for the past few days now and it won’t go away. How do we get the best possible result out of this election? My first thought is that the Tories will create another campaign of fear, rile up the Brexiters, appeal to the dying UKIP massive and increase their majority. This for everyone that cares about anyone apart from their self would be a bit disastrous. As a Scottish National Party (SNP) member and voter, many would describe me as part of the problem. When you have, a right wing feeling in the country, many times in the past we have witness left wingers and liberals band together and elect the best alternative. This simply isn’t going to happen anymore. With the SNP strong as ever, the Greens making gains and other parties such as Plaid Cymru making noise the chance of a Labour Government anytime soon seems very, very far away.

Is Jeremy Corbyn a Prime Minster that represents the best values that the United Kingdom once stood for? I believe so. Is he a Prime Minster in the self determined, American style, UKIP loving, United Kingdom that has been building up since the Global financial crisis in 2008? I don’t believe so. I feel the same way about Mr Corbyn as I do about Senator Bernie Sanders. He is a kind-hearted man with a dream of social justice in the world. Are people willing to tax more taxes to help their neighbour, reduces military spending with insecurities around North Korea and Russia and bring back the idea of a fairer society. I don’t think so.


So what do we do? I think a realistic and positive outcome for this election is as follows;

No more Tories in Scotland. It is important that we have the Conservatives make the difficult decision on how will be the next Secretary of Scotland. This cannot be the one out of fifty-nine Scottish MPs.

Further growth of the Green Party. With characters like President Trump in the White House, as a country we need to have a strong opposition against his ludicrous Climate Change agenda. I feel the Green Party will support with this greatly, not through votes but with the voice and influence on NGO’s and TAN’s.

Growth of Plaid Cymru. I feel that the Welsh people need better representation. This needs to come from Tory votes though. A reduced Labour presence in Wales, isn’t going to help anyone.

A good fair election in Northern Ireland. With everything that had happened in the last year, a fair representation in Westminster in Northern Ireland would be the goal.

Labour to Bounce back. Corbyn needs to start laying the ground work now for a victory in 2022. It will not be him but he needs to reinstall confidence in the Labour Party. This Ed Miliband, slap bang in the middle version of Labour doesn’t work. I wouldn’t be calling for a full blown socialist revolution but It is very important that Labour moves back to the Left.

Most importantly…Eliminate the Tory majority. There are many ways that this can be done however I feel it needs to come from the 15 million eligible voters that feel apathy is their policy. GET UP, REGISTER AND VOTE. With Brexit, Trump, the Middle East and North Africa’s issues, deeper cuts and austerity on the horizon you are the difference makers. Don’t listen to the rubbish that comes out of our Prime Minster’s mouth around a better economy, a more secure economy and working class people are feeling the difference. There are over 3.7million children in the UK living in poverty. It’s 2017. That makes me sick.

See below on how to do it. You have until the 22nd of May. Do it now! This is too important.





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